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The following Terms and Phrases should be considered as having the associated meanings when used in the context of this site. Note that you can retrieve any of these definitions anywhere on the site where you see a small gray question mark next to the TermTerm by clicking on it.

The procedures and hearings associated with a Committee reviewing a Misconduct Report to determine if the Card will be upheld or not. Adjudication also includes the determination of any penalties, suspensions, etc.
A User charged with the overall responsibility for the general operation of the Chapter's site and management of Site usage.
A User that has been formally licensed or otherwise approved by the Board to perform Referee Assessments.
As a noun, it identifies the relationship between a specific Match Position and a Referee. As a verb, it refers to the steps and actions necessary to create the relationship between a specific Match Position and a Referee.
A User that has the responsibility to coordinate and facilitate the assignment of Referees to Matches
A database table containing a single entry for each significant action that takes place on the site. Also used as a verb to indicate that a particular action will be recorded for future review and diagnosis
Identifies the Organization that sanctions a particular Match to be held. This might be a State Association, a local League, etc., but is ultimately the administrative body that organizes and tracks the competitions between the teams under it's guidance
A program operating in a Visitor's system somewhere on the Internet that has asked for a Page from a Server.
Describes a collection of Referees that work as a group to provide coverage to Matches in a specific geographic area. A single Chapter commonly provides Referees to Matches sanctioned by one or more Authorities. SkagitRefs is a Referee Chapter.
An individual that participates in a Match in a non-Player capacity that is responsible for the Team's operation during the Match
A specific combination of values associated with data elements that permits you to select a subset of entries that meet your needs.
An online, searchable list of the Site participants that make up the Chapter's constituents
A specific group of teams within a League and Level that has a specific playing schedule during a specific period of time (e.g. season or tournament). A Division is typically based on a Team's competitive skill level (as in Division 1, 2, 3, etc.)
A physical area at a Location where a scheduled Match will occur between two Teams.
A general discussion area for a free exchange of ideas, thoughts, and comments.
A collection of Matches between Teams assigned to particular competitive Levels, Divisions, and rules by a single Organization.
An administrative-based grouping of Teams within a League. The grouping could be age (for youth as in U15, U16), competitive level (as in Open, Over30), etc.
A geographic place with a street address that contains one or more Fields.
A scheduled competition between two Teams authorized by an Organization and officiated by a Referee
Match Report
The act of reporting completion of an Assignment by a Referee. The Match Report is the basis for collecting the results of a Match and is the basis for payment processing.
Identifies the Assignment process that will be used for a specific Position on a specific Match. The Method value can be:
The position will NOT be filled
The Position is not eligible for SelfAssign and will be manually filled by an Assignor
The Position is available via the SelfAssign process to any Referee that passes the SelfAssign Rules
Misconduct Project
Identifies the overall concepts, operational Site, related pages and functions, and supporting efforts associated with and operated by RidgeStar as a service to it's clients and the general soccer community at large.
Misconduct Report
The information provided by a Referee that describes Misconduct behavior that occurred during a Match that the Referee was officiating. This includes Cautions (Yellow Card) and/or SendOffs (Red Card).
A short informational type message to a User about an activity that has occurred on the Site
A User that has been selected to serve on the Chapter's Board of Directors to represent the Chapter membership.
An operational setting, value, or indication about how the Site should operate. Normally, an Option is defined via the Options table in the database and can contain one or more settings related to:
The compensation associated with completing an Assignment
The default settings for AssignmentMethod for new Matches
The default value for Match Rank for new Matches
Operational settings for the SelfAssign rules
A group that is responsible for organizing Teams into Leagues and/or Divisions and scheduling Matches between them. Some Chapters identify an Organization as a Client, depending upon their business model.
Represents the resulting HTML from a PHP Script's execution AND all the accompanying elements (.GIF, .JPG, .CSS, etc. files).

Each Page from each the Site has a URL, and an identifying Name.

Used to describe a grouping of Matches and/or Accounting entries into a logical set of elements that constitutes a billing/payment date range for Organizations/Referees
An individual that participates with a Team as an active participant in a sanctioned Match
A reference to the general responsibilities a Referee accepts when receiving an Assignment. Typically, a Match might require the Positions named Ref (Center Official), AR1, AR2, and possibly a 4th (4th Official), completely dependent upon what the Organization has requested.
A reference to the set of data elements and information associated with a single User of the Site. This is where each User stores individualized information and indicates his/her preference for information publication in the Directory.
a numeric value that establishes the expected complexity and/or difficulty level of a specific Match or a numeric value establishing the difficulty level a specific Referee has mastered.
Describes a User of the Site that is licensed to officiate at a sanctioned Match. USSF, NISOA, NFHS, etc. are organizations that license Referees
A specific condition associated with SelfAssign, Turnback, etc. that must be true in order for the action requested to continue.

E.G. The "Available" Rule verifies that the Position being requested is not already assigned to another Referee.

A specific period during a playing year the divides a specific combination of League, Level, and Division into a smaller grouping. Examples of Seasons are Playoffs, Tournament, LPTs, Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall, etc.
A named portion of the Site that collects functions and pages related to a specific Role in a common portion of the site.
The actions a Referee takes to get the Site to determine if s/he is eligibled for a specific Assignment. If eligible, the Referee can cause the Site to complete the Assignment (essentially, permitting the Referee to assign himself/herself the Assignment).
Identifies a physical RidgeStar system operating a copy of the Apache HTTP Daemon that responds to Internet based requests for service.
The specific combination of files containing script (PHP) and graphics (JPG, GIF) available through the HTTP protocol that are combined to meet the Chapter's requirements
The identified User that acts as the Webmaster for the Site and as the primary Point of Contact with RidgeStar with respect to Site operations.
The unique combination of personal data elements that uniquely identifies a single User to the Site. For SkagitRefs, this is your First, Middle, and Last Name.
Skagit Valley Soccer Referee's Association
The formal name for the Referee Chapter (commonly known as SkagitRefs) providing assignment and management services for licensed soccer officials in the Skagit Valley, State of Washington, U.S.A.
The abbreviation or commonly used name for the Skagit Valley Soccer Referee's Association
Is a term used to describe the type of covering that is on the Field. "Grass", "Dirt" and "Sand" should be obvious. "Turf" represents a smooth artificial surface, whereas "RealTurf" represents the artificial material that simulates grass (incuding the blades of grass) that has become more popular recently.
Used to describe the basic operating system enviroment of a Visitor, Browser, or Server.
A collection of Players that compete together in a League against other Teams
A word or series of words that represents a specific element, activity, role, action, etc. when used in the context of a Referee Management Site.
Text Format
You can control how the information you enter is displayed by using one or more of the following elements surrounded by brackets [ or ] within the text string you enter:
StringMeaning or Purpose
˜Treat this character as a Blank or Space
bMake the next word entered BOLD when displayed
brStart a new line in the display
iMake the next word entered italicized when displayed
ol=Format an Ordered List from the specified items (separated by semi-colons)
pCreate a new Paragraph beginning with the next word
subFormat the next word as a subscript
supFormat the next word as a superscript
ul=Format an Unordered List from the specified items (separated by semi-colons)
:nameWhere "name" is one of the defined RidgeStar Symbols
{color}where {color} can be: Black, Purple, Silver, Fuchsia, Navy, Gray, Green, Blue, White, Lime, Teal, Maroon, Olive, Aqua, Red, or Yellow
cla{field}.Displays current field value from the fixed Site variables
dus{field}.Displays current field value from the User Profile (e.g. dusFirstName, etc.)
See Reference: Tools-Text Format for more information.
Typically used to indicate a specific Time of Day (local time zone). When used in a Criteria box, "Morning" means between 12:01am and 11:59am, "Midday" means 10:00am to 4:00pm, "Afternoon" means 12:00pm to 5:00pm, and "Evening" means 5:01pm to 11:59pm
The act of returning a current Referee Assignment to the pool of available Positions for other Referees to assign themselves to.
A term used to describe an individual person that is authorized to logon to a Referee Management Site and interact with the system in one or more roles (as a Referee, Chapter Officer, Committee member, Authority representative, etc.).
A general term used to describe a single Internet user somewhere using a program (usually a Browser) to access a Site page on a RidgeStar server.
The website address or Site on the Internet permitting the interactive management of SkagitRefs operations