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332442/25/20247:00 pmSelectGirlsU19Skagit Valley CollegeNWU G05/06 Red HugginsSeattle United G05 Tango B
332672/25/20245:00 pmSelectGirlsU15Skagit Valley CollegeNWU G09 Black HugginsCascade G09
333522/25/20243:00 pmSelectGirlsU13Skagit Valley College 1NWU G11 Black NicholsEastside FC G11 White
334372/25/20243:00 pmSelectBoysU14Sedro Woolley HS StadiumNWU B10 Red HarrisonSound FC
334462/25/20242:00 pmSelectBoysU11Fort Nugent #9NWSC Deception FC B13 BSnohomish United B13 White
334082/25/20241:00 pmSelectBoysU14Skagit Valley CollegeNWU B10 Black Vazquez3RSC B10 Black
334452/25/202412:30 pmSelectGirlsU10Fort Nugent #8NWSC Deception FC G14North Kitsap G14 Blue
333032/25/202411:00 amSelectGirlsU16Skagit Valley CollegeNWU G08 Black MichaelsonValor Gold G08
333332/25/202411:00 amSelectGirlsU16Sedro Woolley HS StadiumNWU G08 Red KissasSnohomish United G08 Red
333682/25/20249:00 amSelectGirlsU10Skagit Valley College 1NWU G14 Red QuirogaBlackhills FC
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