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What's New?
Local Training/Chapter Meetings

Our local training/chapter meetings will be held on the first Saturday of most months except June, July, and December. The meetings for the current year will be April 6th, May 4th, August 3rd, September 7th, October 5th, and November 9th. They are held from 5:30pm-7:00pm at Maiben House in Burlington. This is a great way to get to know the local referees and mentors and receive hands-on training for further developement.

Sunday August 20th, 2023

Our By Laws were updated and approved at the Special Meeting on August 19th, 2023.Going

Rule Change For RCL U-12

RCL has modified the rules for U-12 matches. Effective immediately, U-12 matches will follow the same rules as U-11. This means: No deliberate heading, Goalkeepers cannot punt the ball back into play, and build-line will be used. This also means that offside will only be enforced from the build-out line to the goal line. This ONLY affects RCL matches. In the Skagit Referees area, that means ONLY NW United FC matches are affected. All other matches will continue to follow current rules.

New Profile Requirements for Minors

Due to recent mandates, we (SVSRA) are required to include an adult in any communication that we have with minors.
To accomplish this, there is now a new field in everyone's profile called "CCEmail". An email address in this field will automatically be "Carbon Copied" (CC) in all messages/emails sent via this site. If you are a minor (less than 18 years old), this field will be populated with the email address that you have filed with the WASRC as your "parent email". If you are a minor, the "CCEmail" field and your Date of Birth are locked out from modification (lockout releases when you reach age 18). If these fields are incorrect or if you need additional parent/guardian email addresses added, you will need to contact the webmaster for assistance.
Adults can utilize the ...

Local Training

SVSRA is implementing supplemental website-based training for Referees. Some training will be required in order to work matches in our area (LOTG updates are an example). Other training will be optional. However, Referees who choose to do the optional training might get priority in match assignments. Referee Assignors will not be overriding the self-assign rules for a failure to complete the training. See Referee>Training for details and to get started.

Personal Meter

wave PERSONAL METERS - Look in the UPPER RIGHT CORNER and click on each of the boxes that are red to CONFIRM your user data. - All of your boxes MUST be orange or green in order to be able to self-assign games! - You will need to re-verify everything each year at the start of the fall season. (An orange box means that you are within 30 days of expiring that segment.)

WYS/RCL U9-11 Player Development Initiatives

The WYS/RCL U9-11 Player Development Initiatives are posted to our website. These rules apply to both NWU U9-12 Select and SkVYSA Rec matches played in our area. Note - NO rules difference between Select or REC U9-11 matches. Click the link to read the PDI pamphlet.Going

Managing the effect of Referee Abuse

All, slides from Sara Myers presentation at our SEP Chapter meeting have been uploaded. Click the arrow below to view the PDF.Going

Trouble Registering with WASRC?

If you are having trouble registering for a New Referee Clinic (a.k.a. Entry Level Clinic), we have a detailed tutorial that should help. Click on the link to see.Going

SVSRA Referee Abuse Policy

SVSRA Referee Abuse Policy - please print/read and use.Going

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