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RMA Requirements

Referees who officiate at recreational matches in the Skagit Valley area, including Stanwood/Camano and San Juan Island, will need to obtain a RMA (Risk Management Application) clearance from Washingt...Going

SkVYSA Rules for Youth Matches

The Skagit Valley Youth Soccer Association Variations on the Rules are located on our website. These rules apply to youth recreational matches played in our area. Click link to see it. Remember, th...Going

LOTG 2017/2018 Now Available


The IFAB has published the new LOTG for 2017 2018.

Although this year's revisions are not nearly as numerous as last year, there are still some significant changes.

We will be talking about the changes at our chapter meeting in August. In the meantime, I am suggesting that everyone get an advance look at the new book. This can be downloaded and viewed as a PDF by going to the IFAB site: . Make sure to get the right version as the 2016 2017 version is also posted.

Remember that the new laws are effective as of 01 June 2017. However, since we are technically in our "off season", the exact date of implementation will be up to the individual leagues. Some summer tournaments may likely be following the new laws, others may be following the 2016 2017 laws. If in doubt, ask the tournament assignor which rules apply. By the start of the fall season, we should be under the new Laws.

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La Conner Offers Referee Incentives

For referees who officiate SkVYSA matches in La Conner, the La Conner Youth Soccer Board is offering incentives in addition to the pay associated with those matches. Learn more at their web site...Going

Thursday March 24th, 2016

If you are having trouble registering for a New Referee Clinic (a.k.a. Entry Level Clinic), we have a detailed tutorial that should help.

Click on the link to see.Going

YouTube Channel

We now have videos on You Tube.

It tells you how to use our website.

Thank you Chad for all of your hard work.Going