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  1. Send an Email message to Bob Collins at
  2. If you are interested in becoming a referee with SkagitRefs, start by completing the online Registration form.
What's New?
Comcast Email Problems

If you use a Comcast email address to receive chapter news, you need to be aware that Comcast is now "throttling" all incoming email from most of the referee chapters (ours included). Our messages ma...

IFAB Law 10 - Determining Outcome of the Match

IFAB Law 10 - Determining Outcome of the Match

Please review Kicks from the Penalty Mark procedure for SkVYSA Rec Championships - all games must end with a winner so will go straight to KFPM at end...Going

Tuesday October 9th, 2018

PERSONAL METERS - Look in the UPPER RIGHT CORNER and click on each of the boxes that are not GREEN to CONFIRM your user data.
- All of your boxes MUST be GREEN to be able to self-assign games!
- You...

WYS/RCL U9-11 Player Development Initiatives

The WYS/RCL U9-11 Player Development Initiatives are posted to our website. These rules apply to NWU U9-12 Select matches played in our area.

The only difference between REC U9-11 and Select U9-11...Going

SVSRA Referee Abuse Policy

SVSRA Referee Abuse Policy - please print/read and use.Going

SkVYSA Rules for Youth Matches

The Skagit Valley Youth Soccer Association Variations on the Rules are located on our website. These rules apply to youth recreational matches played in our area (Other than Stanwood). Click link to...Going

NPSL Quick Chart Rules of Competition

The NPSL Quick Chart Rules of Competition are located on our website. These rules apply to some NWU Select matches played in our area - NWU teams play in either NPSL or RCL. Click link to see the qu...Going

La Conner Offers Referee Incentives

For referees who officiate SkVYSA matches in La Conner, the La Conner Youth Soccer Board is offering incentives in addition to the pay associated with those matches. Learn more at their web site...Going

Thursday March 24th, 2016

If you are having trouble registering for a New Referee Clinic (a.k.a. Entry Level Clinic), we have a detailed tutorial that should help.

Click on the link to see.Going

YouTube Channel

We now have videos on You Tube.

It tells you how to use our website.

Thank you Chad for all of your hard work.Going